Plates and pret a porter

A surprising combination I saw at Ambiente in Frankfurt; beautiful plates AND pret a porter, both from the same creative German designer Jeanette Gebauer. Probably she did not want to choose between the two and decided to combine plates with fashion (table fashion and fashion!).

jeanette gebauer 1

Of course I like the plates best… The collection is constantly changing, now with Easter just around the corner, the plates with the ‘Osterhasen’ are very ‘on trend’, but I also saw some nice summery ones with swimming ladies. All designs are authentic and exclusive, all plates and fashion pieces are ‘Unikate’… unique pieces.

jeanette gebauer 2 jeanette gebauer 3

I love the cute ‘all seasons’ dachshund.

The fashion is a bit too ‘prissie’ for me personally, but I do notice it’s made really well and the fabrics are great! It was really nice to meet this creative German lady, and I think it also shows quite some guts to present yourself as a small producer / designer on such a huge event as Ambiente is.

rokjes jeanette gebauer

For more info and stockists take a look at


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